300 People Showed Up for an Annual Cats-in-Windows Tour in Minneapolis

Is this lame?  Or would you go to it if they did it here?  Every year, a guy in Minneapolis named John Edward organizes a CAT TOUR, where people walk around looking at cats in windows.  And this year’s event was a huge success, around 300 people showed up for it last week.

It’s a walking tour, so everyone follows the same route.  Around 40 cats were in it this year.  Their owners had to apply online to be part of it.

John says last year’s event was virtual, and basically no one watched.  So he was glad to see people back out there.  He originally started it as a joke, but now he’s done it five years in a row.

Obviously it’s not for everyone.  But the people who love it REALLY love it.  Some of the owners even bring their cats outside for people to pet.

It also features a bunch of historic houses.  So for anyone who loves cats AND architecture, it’s basically Coachella.

One woman who showed up this year said the best part is you get to meet other cat people.  And in general, she thinks there should be a lot more cat-related things for people to do.

(Here’s a photo from one stop on the tour.)