A Guy Broke into Someone’s House and Stole Junk Mail

I don’t think this guy understands how stealing works.  Ideally, you want to steal stuff that’s WORTH something.  A guy near Bakersfield, California recently kicked in the back door of someone’s house looking for stuff to steal.  (It happened in Taft, about 100 miles northwest of L.A.)

It sounds like he might have been on drugs.  Because the first thing he did was rip a big hole in their bathroom wall for no reason.  Then he started going through drawers, but left a bunch of valuables behind.

He did eventually find something worth stealing, a brand-new Roomba that was still in the box.  But instead of taking it, he removed the Roomba, and only stole the EMPTY BOX.  (???)

The person who lives there spotted him in the driveway and chased him off.  He also stole some old suitcases, along with a bunch of JUNK MAIL.

Cops eventually found the suitcases, but we don’t know if they caught him or not.  It’s also not clear if they got the person’s junk mail back.