Someone Got an Amazon Delivery So Big, You Can Barely See the House Behind It

The pandemic has made people buy more things online.  But this might be a sign you have a problem.  There are a few videos going viral, which show a MASSIVE Amazon delivery in Florida.  There are maybe a hundred or more boxes, and the delivery guys have them stacked as high as the house.

It’s unclear what’s going on, but the neighbors have been posting videos over several days, and in the latest ones, it looks like at least some of the packages are being loaded into a moving truck.

A lot of commenters are speculating what’s in them, but there’s been no word on what the person ordered.  A lot of the boxes are a similar size, and many appear to have red “heavy” stickers on them.

(You can check out the videos on TikTok, herehere, and here.)


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