The City of Kyle, Texas Hopes to Break the Record for Largest Gathering of Kyles

If your name is Kyle, or you know a Kyle, your country needs you.  There’s a city called Kyle, Texas, just south of Austin.  And next month, they’re trying to break a world record by assembling an entire ARMY of Kyles.

There’s a hot air balloon festival on Labor Day weekend each year.  And they want to break the record for most people named Kyle all gathered together in one spot.

All Kyles who show up get free entry, and a free t-shirt.  But it has to be spelled K-Y-L-E.  Otherwise it doesn’t count.

We checked Guinness’s website, and it looks like the actual record they’re going for is most people with the same FIRST NAME in one spot.  We couldn’t find a specific record for Kyles.

This also isn’t the first time they’ve done it.  They’ve been trying to break the record since 2017 but always fail.

That might be because the current “same name” record set the bar pretty high.  Four years ago, a group in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a similar stunt, and over 2,300 Ivans showed up for it.

(Here’s their flyer.)



(Corridor News / UPI)