The Latest “Jeopardy!” Champ Is Moving Up the All-Time List

There’s something happening on “Jeopardy!” right now that might be even more interesting than the drama over who’s going to be the new host.

A contestant named Matt Amodio has won 15 straight games, and he’s climbing up the all-time list of regular-season earners.

As of last night he’s won $475,600, which puts him in FOURTH PLACE.

Third place is currently held by Jason Zuffranieri with $532,496.  At the rate Matt’s going, he could hit that this week if he keeps winning.  But getting any higher will take a while.

James Holzhauer is in second place, with about $2.46 MILLION.  And all-time champ Ken Jennings has $2.52 million.

Given his average daily winnings, Amodio is almost 80 games away from Holzhauer.