16% of People Have Watched a TV Show on Their Phone, at a Wedding?

Weddings can be boring.  No one goes into one saying, “I really hope it’s a two- to three-hour traditional affair!”  And yet, some people still plan them like that.  But have you ever been so bored that you’ve secretly watched a little Netflix?

In a new survey of mobile viewers, a whopping 16% say that they’ve watched a show on their phone during a WEDDING.  Which is wild.  Some of that could’ve been during down-time where nothing is happening.  But still.

In general, people who are into mobile content say they watch 28% of their TV shows on their phones.

About one-in-five have watched a show or movie at a bar, and 31% have watched something in their car.  (Hopefully not while driving, home from the bar.)

More than one-third of people admit to “double screening” at home, so that’s watching one thing on your phone, while watching another thing on TV.

But some of those people aren’t really TRYING to watch both.   37% say it’s basically just a way for them to watch their own stuff, rather than the content that other people are watching in the room at the time.