A Bank Robber Failed, Because the Teller Couldn’t Read His Handwriting

You rarely hear about doctors robbing banks, and now we know why.  Their handwriting is too bad to write the “this is a hold-up” note.  That, and they usually have a more reliable source of income.

A 67-year-old man in England named Alan Slattery decided to get into the bank-robbin’ business back in March, and his first stop was a total bust.

He handed over a note to the teller, but they couldn’t read his “poor handwriting.”  So, he left empty-handed.  The employees later huddled together and figured it out.  It said, “Your screen won’t stop what I’ve got, just hand over the 10s and the 20s.  Think about the other customers.”  (Here’s a photo of it.)



It’s unclear if the “screen” was a permanent anti-theft fixture, or if it was a more temporary anti-COVID divider.

Alan wrote a legible note at Bank #2, and got away with around $3,000.  He also hit up a third bank, but the teller there refused to comply.

The police caught him, he was arrested, and pleaded guilty on robbery and attempted robbery charges.  He’ll do four years behind bars.

(This story reminds us of this scene from the 1969 comedy “Take the Money and Run”.)



(Eastbourne Herald