‘Bama Sorority Pledge Videos Are Dominating TikTok, and They’re All the Same

Have you heard about this Alabama sorority pledge thing that’s all over TikTok right now?

It’s pledge week.  So #BamaRush started trending, along with videos of girls showing off their outfits each day.  And they’re basically auditioning for sororities.  But every video is EXACTLY the same.

Each one follows the same formula.  The only difference is the stores and brands they name drop.  For example, “My top is Lululemon, my skirt is I Just Have to Have It, and my shoes are Golden Goose.  Hashtag Delta Gamma.”

They’re usually VERY high energy.  And a lot of them have Alabama accents.  So people started making parodies.  (A TikTok’er named Conor DeVoe did one that’s going viral.)A lot of them throw shade and make fun.  But some people are also obsessed, like it’s a reality show.


@conordevoeNo shade all love. I love a sorority girl! Elle woods forever!!! #fyp #foryou #comedy #ellewoods #legallyblonde #gay #lgbtq

♬ original sound – Conor DeVoe


One random mom posted a video and joked that she’s too old to care SO much about Bama Rush TikTok.  But she can’t wait to see which pledges make the cut, and which ones don’t.

(“The New York Post” did a good round-up.)


(NY Post / Seventeen)