There’s a Fake Streaming Service for All the Fake Movies Inside Real Movies

There’s a new streaming service called Nestflix that’s not actually a streaming service.  And it can never be one, because the movies it promotes don’t actually exist.  Nestflix is a fake streaming service for the fake movies that appear in other movies.

For instance, remember how, at the end of Mel Brooks’ “History of the World Part 1”, there’s a fake trailer for “History of the World Part 2”.  Well, “History of the World Part 2” is one of the movies on Nestflix.

There’s no video on Nestflix, though.  Just screenshots from the fake movies, which also include . . .

“Simple Jack” from “Tropic Thunder”, “Conan the Librarian” from the Weird Al movie “UHF”, “Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season” from “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, and “Angels with Filthy Souls” from “Home Alone”.

(Definitely a fun time-waster for movie buffs.  Check it out here.)