Someone Crashed Into a Car, and Left Candy Bars as Compensation

If you damage someone’s vehicle when they’re not around, you should leave your information so the owner can contact you.  Not everyone does it, and that sucks.  But not doing anything is probably better than this.

In a TikTok that’s going viral, a woman says someone crashed into her car, and it isn’t just a little dent.  It looks borderline undriveable, like it had been side-swiped on the road.  But it was in a Walmart parking lot.

The person did leave a note, but they didn’t leave their information.  It said, “Sorry for the damage on your car.  Can’t afford to fix it, but here’s chocolate instead.”  There were two Hershey bars next to the note, but they were on the windshield, so they probably MELTED.

(Here’s the video.  It’s worth pointing out that it’s going viral on an account that shares memes and other comedy clips, so it’s possible that it’s a joke.)


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