The Average American Wastes Over $70K on Bad Online Purchases

Have you ever ordered something from Amazon, excitedly waited for it to arrive, opened it up, looked at it, said “Oh”, and then never used it?  Well, that’s a lot more common than you think.

According to a survey, the average American wastes over $70,000 in their lifetime on disappointing online purchases.  To come up with that, they took an average of $899 per year, and extended it over a life expectancy of 78.54 years.  (So $70K may be a BIT high, because you’re probably not making bad online purchases until you’re at least 3.)  

The most common types of unsatisfying buys are clothing, tech, and kids toys, and the disappointment is often because the quality isn’t as good as expected, or it turned out to be the wrong size or color.

Sending an item back isn’t always worth it, but we do return an average of four online purchases a year, or roughly 314 returns over a lifetime.

People also shared some of their most disappointing purchases.  They include:  A “leather jacket” that turned out to be plastic, steaks that “tasted like shoes”, an alarm clock where you couldn’t lower the brightness, a fan that didn’t blow air, a “very uncomfortable” recliner, and a box that arrived EMPTY.