A Guy Intentionally Drove His SUV into a Lake to Fill the Radiator with Water

I don’t know a lot about cars, but I might still know more than THIS guy:  Cops in Washington state got several calls yesterday morning after someone drove their SUV into a river.  (It happened in Yakima, about 60 miles north of the Oregon border.)

It happened at a slipway, where you’d normally back your boat into the water.  So they assumed the driver lost control or something.  But when they got there, he was fine.  And the front end of his Suburban was still in the river.

So what actually happened?  It turned out he replaced a part in his car himself, and his radiator needed water.  So instead of pouring some in, or coolant like you’re supposed to, he took the cap off, and dipped the entire front of his SUV into the river.  They had to tow it out.  It’s not clear if it still runs or not.

(Here’s a photo.)