Thieves Broke into a Restaurant, and Were Fined for Not Wearing Face Masks?

You know people are getting serious about the pandemic when thieves are getting in trouble for entering businesses without face masks.  Four men broke into a restaurant in Australia on Tuesday morning, and stole a decent amount of booze.  They got away, but the cops tracked them down.

They’re facing charges of unlawful entry, stealing, and property damage, but that’s not all:  They’re also facing steep fines because they weren’t wearing face masks when they entered the restaurant.

Australia recently implemented a lockdown, and as part of that, there are fines for anyone not following the mask mandates.

Each of them will be fined 5,000 Australian Dollars, roughly $3,600 U.S., so that’s nearly $15,000 for all four.  It’s unclear how much alcohol they stole, but they might be on the hook to pay for that too.

(The odd thing is that wearing face masks should be Burglar 101.)


(Daily Mail