A Theater Tried to Order “Rocky Horror” Wigs but Got 416 Hot Dogs Instead

You can see how this mistake happened.  It almost seems more likely to happen than not.  A theater near London that’s been closed for the pandemic is finally set to re-open this month.  And the first production they’re doing is “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

So, producers decided to order a bunch of Dr. Frank-N-Furter wigs to sell as merch.  He’s the main character that Tim Curry plays in the movie.  But when the box arrived, they opened it up.  And instead of wigs, they got hundreds of hot dogs.  (???)

It turns out they use the same supplier to order lots of stuff, including food.  And whoever handled their order saw the name “Frank-N-Furter” and thought it meant FRANKFURTERS.

They got 52 CANS of hot dogs with eight per can.  So 416 hot dogs total.

They’re working with several food banks to make sure they don’t go to waste.

(Here’s a photo.)


(Kent Online)