Jason Momoa Cannot Live Without His Kids’ Stuffed Animals

In a recent “GQ” video, Jason Momoa listed the things he cannot live without, which included his kids’ stuffed animals.  His daughter Lola has a stuffed piglet named Piggy Pig Spirit and his son Wolf has a plush bison named Potato.

Jason said, “If you have babies, you know you got stuffed animals.  And if you’re not with your babies, then you’re going to be cuddling stuffed animals.”

He said they make the best traveling companions and they sleep in the same bed with him when he’s away from his kids.

Jason didn’t want to share any stories about the stuffed animals because he said, “I think it’s a little too personal, so unfortunately, that’s just for me and my family.”

(You can watch the video here.  The stuffed animals are at 5:03.)