New in Theaters: “Reminiscence”, “The Protege”, and “The Night House”

1.  Reminiscence  (PG-13)  Trailer

Hugh Jackman plays a “private investigator of the mind.”  He makes a living from helping people access and relive their lost memories, with Thandiwe Newton  from  “Westworld” as his assistant.

Their new client is Rebecca Ferguson, who some of you may remember as the singer who tempted him in The Greatest Showman.  When she mysteriously disappears, he become obsessed with using his high-tech skills to try to find out what happened to her.




2.  The Protege  (R)  Trailer

Maggie Q plays a contract killer who was rescued as a child by a legendary assassin.  But when he’s murdered over a job he did years ago, she turns to rival assassin Michael Keaton to help her get revenge.  Samuel L. Jackson plays her dead mentor.




3.  The Night House  (R)  Trailer

A horror thriller starring Rebecca Hall as a woman haunted by nightmares and visions of a presence in the lakeside home her husband built before he killed himself.  Then she learns that he built TWO houses, that are each mirror images of each other.