People Are Getting Tattoos of Their Vaccine QR Codes

A lot of bars and restaurants are making people show their vaccine cards to get in now.  There are also digital versions for your phone that have a QR code they can scan.  Or, I guess this option might be slightly more convenient.

A 22-year-old in Italy is going viral after he got a QR code tattooed on his upper arm that links to his vaccine status.  He tested it out at a McDonald’s that requires proof, and it worked.  

He says he also did it because he just wanted a tattoo that was UNIQUE.  His parents aren’t thrilled though, and told him to stop being so impulsive.

(Here’s Part 1 of the video, and Part 2.)


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Green pass tatuato, scan al Mc. #tatuaggi #tatuatori #mcdonalds #mc #greenpass

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