9% of People Can’t Decide Whether or Not They’re Decisive

If you’re in a group of people struggling to settle on a restaurant to eat at or a movie to watch, can you make the decision?  Even if you’re alone, how long do you spend weighing your options?

A new poll asked people how decisive they’d say they are, and 22% said “very decisive,” while 48% said they’re “fairly decisive.”  So roughly 70% of people are comfortable making a decision.

17% said they were “fairly indecisive,” and 4% said they were “very indecisive,” which means 21% of people shy away from it.

As for the other 9%, well, they said they “don’t know” whether or not they are decisive.  (???)

If you break down the demographics, younger people say they’re more indecisive than older people, people making under $40K a year were more indecisive than people making $80,000 or more.

And not surprisingly, people who said they’re “Not Sure” about their political affiliation were more indecisive than the people who said they were Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or even those who said “Other.”