The “Milk Crate Challenge” Is the New Overly Dangerous TikTok Trend

Here’s the newest dumb thing people are doing on TikTok:  The “Milk Crate Challenge” is where you stack a bunch of milk crates into a pyramid, and try to walk up and over them without falling, and hopefully without hurting yourself.

Pyramid isn’t really the right word.  It’s a line of milk crates stacked at different heights.  So you steadily go uphill until you get to the middle one that’s SEVEN milk crates high.  Then you go down the other side.  And you can’t use your hands at all.

There are a bunch of videos of people trying it, and most of them fail, sometimes spectacularly.  So people really are hurting themselves.  But some make it look easy, like one woman who did it in heels.

( has a pretty good round-up of videos.  Careful though, there’s a lot of profanity mixed in.)