For the Last Time, Wolfgang Van Halen Isn’t Your Damn Van Halen Karaoke Machine

Wolfgang Van Halen wants to be his own man.  That’s why he doesn’t play Van Halen songs during his set.  But that hasn’t stopped people from pestering him to do it.

And sometimes he just has to fight back.  Someone recently told him, “Wolfie, I like your stuff.  I just think the time to honor Dad is now.  You’ve already shown you can stand on your own!”

And Wolfgang replied, “Y’all are never gonna [effing’] stop are ya?  I honor my dad by existing and doing what I do every day.  I’m not [effin’] playing ‘Panama’ for you guys.”

Later on, he added, “Plays in band with Dad:  That spoiled brat is just riding his daddy’s coattails . . . Plays in own band without covering VH:  Yo, why isn’t he riding his daddy’s coattails??”

And he said he might play the Bowie /Jagger version of “Dancing in the Street” just to, “piss y’all off.”