The Wienermobile Is Picking Up Random Lyft Users in Four Cities This Week

I hope someone heading to a really fancy event gets this.  Imagine pulling up to the red carpet in a giant hot dog.  Lyft is partnering with Oscar Mayer, and picking people up in the Wienermobile this week.  But it’s only happening in four cities, and you have to get lucky.

They’re doing it in New York, L.A., Chicago, and Atlanta.  And the people who get it are selected at random, so it’s not something you can reserve.

Anyone who orders a Lyft XL between now and Friday could get the Wienermobile.  So instead of a big SUV or minivan, they’ll get picked up in a 27-foot hot dog.

Their ride will also be free.  And they’ll get a bunch of Oscar Mayer swag, including t-shirts and “Weenie Whistles.”

(Here’s the promo video Oscar Mayer tweeted out about it.)