55% of People Would Like to Relive Their Childhood

If you had the chance to pause your exciting mid-pandemic life, to go back and relive your childhood, would you do it?

In a new survey, 55% of people said they’d love to relive their childhood, specifically between the ages of seven and 10, when everything was “magical.”

There’s also a list of the things adults miss MOST about childhood, and the top answers included:

Not worrying about money, summer breaks from school, Christmas, always having energy, not paying any bills, not having to work, not having aches and pains, being really excited about birthdays, the excitement of going to the beach, sleeping soundly, the thrill of getting a new toy, and the excitement of hearing the ice-cream truck.

It’s unclear how many of those 55% would be willing to relive the WHOLE 18-year roller coaster, including all the terrible parts like algebra homework, going to the orthodontist, being forced to sell candy or magazines, and puberty.