A Shooting Suspect Ducked into a Restaurant, Filled with Cops

Cops and donuts may be an outdated reference, but a suspect probably wouldn’t run into a donut shop to hide.

Two men allegedly stole a Porsche SUV in Chicago on Tuesday, and then shot a man in another vehicle.  The Porsche sped off, with the police in pursuit.  The SUV later crashed, and the guys jumped out, and ran away on foot.

The driver was running with some kind of bag, and ducked into a Mexican restaurant.  He ran through the place, trying to escape out the back exit.

The restaurant was mostly empty, except for a table full of police officers who were there eating lunch.  When they saw the guy, they immediately got up, ran after him, and caught him in the alley behind the restaurant.

The guy was charged with attempted murder and possession of a stolen vehicle.  Police are still looking for the other man he was with.  By the way, the guy they shot should be okay.

(WGNTV.com has surveillance video of the guy running in, and the cops jumping up.  The manager says there were seven cops there.  In the video, there only appears to be five, but they do act quickly.)