Food Network Is Coming Out with Their First Holiday Movie Starring Ree Drummond

Do we really need MORE networks producing cheesy made-for TV holiday movies?  Don’t bother answering, because it’s already happening.

Food Network is releasing their first ever scripted movie in November on Discovery+.  It’s called “Candy Coated Christmas” and stars Ree Drummond from “The Pioneer Woman” in her first acting role.

Ree said, “[It] was so much fun to be part of , it had all the magical elements that make holiday movies so special.”

The movie stars Molly McCook from “Last Man Standing” as a woman who returns to her hometown to cash in on her mom’s old house, until she gets to know the family that’s renting the place and makes other friends around town.  Ree will play the owner of a bakery who befriends Molly’s character.

An executive at Discovery+ said, “Food Network fans live for the holidays, so creating a Christmas movie is an exciting way to expand our offerings.  We’ve created the kind of Christmas movie that only we can.”