Should You Strip the Bed Before You Check Out of a Hotel?

Is this polite or totally unnecessary?  Some guy in the U.K. is trending online because of something he does every time he stays at a hotel.

Before he checks out, he strips the SHEETS off his bed and stacks them up, just to make the maid’s job a little easier.

He posted a photo on Facebook of how he does it, and the Internet latched on.  Some people think it’s great and plan to start doing it.

Other say it’s unnecessary because maids are PAID to do it.  So why do it for them?  Maybe the same people who don’t put their shopping cart back at the store, because leaving it in the parking lot “creates jobs.”

One person had a different take, and said it’s “not right OR wrong, it’s just weird.”  A few hotel maids also weighed in and said it’s nice when guests do it, but they’d never expect people to.

Here’s one thing you definitely DON’T need to do though.  They said some people re-make their bed before they check out.  But the maids have to strip the sheets off anyway, so there’s really no point.

(Here’s the photo.)



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