Kids Are Pranking Their Parents in Scholarship Videos by Lying About How Hard Their Life Was

Another TikTok trend is going viral.  And thankfully, this one doesn’t involve hurting yourself, unless your mom slaps you upside the head.

Teenagers are pranking their parents by having them sit in on video applications for fake college scholarships, and then lying about how hard their life has been.

The typical video goes something like this:  They start by saying their mom or dad is the person who’s inspired them the most.  And the parents always look proud at that point.

Then they say they’ve had a really hard life, but their parent’s life has been even harder.  And that’s when they say something like, “When my dad was younger, he went to prison for several years.”

The goal is to see how long they can keep telling lies before their parent stops them.  Some shut it down right away.  Others sit there looking shocked, and wait for it to end before they start yelling.

One girl in a video had a dad staring daggers at his daughter the whole time while she lies.  Another girl who’s going viral in her video got her mom to do it, and claimed she used to be a hooker.  The mom immediately cracked up and couldn’t stop laughing.  

You can find them on TikTok by using the hashtag “ScholarshipPrank.”



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