Michael Keaton Thought He Was Emailing a Saddle Maker, But He Was Actually Emailing Bradley Cooper

Michael Keaton needed a new saddle for his horse, so he started exchanging emails with a saddle maker named Cash Cooper about the details.  At least that’s what he thought.

But the messages back from Cooper were kind of weird, and sometimes, Keaton wouldn’t hear from him for a while.  He was starting to worry that Cash Cooper wasn’t taking his order seriously.

That’s when he realized he’d been emailing Bradley Cooper.  When he explained his mistake, Bradley said, “Yeah, I was kind of rolling along with it, but I didn’t know what I was supposed to say.  I thought it was a great gag, but I kind of ran out because you were getting really specific.'”

Keaton told the story on “Late Night” earlier this week.  Check out the video.  Skip ahead to 4:16.    Michael doesn’t mention this in the interview, but Crash’s real name is Jason Brad Cooper, which must have added to the confusion.