Here’s Why Movies Use Slowed-Down Pop Songs in Their Trailers

You’ve seen it a million times:  Movie trailers that use slowed-down versions of popular songs.  Like “Say My Name” in the trailer for the new “Candyman”, or Crazy In Love” in “50 Shades of Grey”.

Well, did you know that it’s not just an artistic choice?  It’s actually a commercial one.  They call it “trailerizing”, and they do it to get you to pay attention to the trailer.

An exec at Sony Music explains that you change every aspect of the song except the lyrics.  “Maybe [people aren’t] paying as much attention to the trailer, and they start to hear the chorus of the song, and they go, ‘Wait, I know this song.’  They start paying attention, and now they’re watching the trailer.”

Just one of the many insidious ways that THE MAN messes with your brain and controls you.  Have a wonderful Monday!


(AV Club)