Seth Rogen Will Listen to People’s Stories on His New Podcast

Seth Rogen . . . He’s a comedian, a pottery expert, and a POT expert.  And now, he’s a podcaster.  He has a new show coming out called “Storytime with Seth Rogen”.

And it’s just what it sounds like.  He’ll have everyone from celebrities to normal people coming on to tell him a story.

“[I’ll] ask them if they have any incredible stories they think are entertaining or formative, or just something they’ve wanted to tell for a long time.  My pitch is that I will take that story and turn it into a sort of audio documentary.  I make it very clear they’re not all funny, and if it’s not a funny story, then I won’t go out of my way to try to add humor to it, you know?”

The first episode comes out October 9th.


(AV Club)