“Party Poopers” Are Less Fun and More Stressed

Here’s your excuse to kick back and really relax this weekend:  A new study found “party poopers” tend to be less fun and more stressed out in general.  “Party poopers” meaning people who think doing stuff JUST for fun is a waste of time.

Researchers at Ohio State asked people a series of questions about having fun without  being productive.  And people who said it’s a waste of time were more likely to be depressed, anxious, and stressed out in life.

There might be a way around it though.  When fun activities are part of a larger goal, party poopers tend to think they’re more worthwhile.

For example, going to a Halloween party seemed like a waste of time to them.  But taking their kids trick-or-treating didn’t, because they felt like they were fulfilling a responsibility, and also making their kids happier.

The team behind the study hopes party poopers hear about it, and start to understand that “unproductive” fun IS still productive in the long run.

Being stressed out and depressed all the time can have huge effects on your mental health and physical health.  So kicking back and having fun is productive if it helps with that stuff.


(OSU / Study Finds)