The Top Things We’re Sick of Hearing People Say on Zoom

We’ve been using Zoom for 18 months now, and a new survey found over half of us have been told, “You’re on MUTE.”

51% of people have been told they need to un-mute themselves.  And 44% of us feel second-hand embarrassment when we have to tell someone else they’re on mute.  Here are the top ten phrases we’re sick of hearing on Zoom.

1.  “Can you all hear me?”

2.  “Oops, we lost you there for a second.”

3.  “You’re on mute.”

4.  “Sorry, my connection sucks.”

5.  “Please mute yourself if you’re not speaking.”

6.  “Ah . . . technology.”

7.  “I love your background.”

8.  “Let’s talk about it offline.”

9.  “I’ll get it to you by the end of the day.”  (???)  That one seems normal.

10.  “Can everyone see my screen?”