Women Are Now More Likely Than Men to Control the TV Remote

A lot of guys won’t buy this stat.  But just think about how many hours of “90 Day Fiancé” you’ve watched during the pandemic.

A new poll found women are now more likely to control the remote, and choose most of the shows couples watch.  67% of women say it’s true.  And the average couple has two dust-ups a month over what to watch next.

Here are a few more stats on our TV-watching habits.

1.  The average person spends 24 minutes a week deciding which shows to watch, and another 25 minutes on movies.  So over the course of your life, you’ll spend 112 DAYS flipping through channels and exploring Netflix.

2.  A third of people say it’s hard to decide what to watch because there are just too many options now.

3.  36% have watched something they didn’t REALLY want to watch.  But people were raving about it, and they didn’t want to miss out.

4.  The top things we look at before we watch something are the genre, the actors, and how long a movie or TV show is.

5.  Just under half of us have taken so long to decide, we ended up turning the TV off and didn’t watch anything.