A Judge Rejected a Couple’s Divorce Filing, and Told Them to “Work It Out”

A divorce is never easy, but it’s even more complicated when a judge refuses to let you go through it.  A couple in Kentucky separated last November after 12 years of marriage.  They filed for divorce saying that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

It’s unclear what went wrong, but they’d already ironed out the terms of the divorce, and even agreed on a co-parenting plan for their young daughter.

But when they went to court to get it approved, the judge DENIED it.  She said, “I get the vibe that you all might be able to work this out.  Would it be beneficial to either of you all if I order you to go to reconciliation counseling or are you past that?”  The wife said they were past that, but the judge ordered it anyway.

The wife’s attorney said, “Being told to stay with your ex when you both agree it’s over is pretty stunning.”  The husband’s lawyer added, “This is something really nobody would’ve seen coming.”  Both attorneys are asking the judge to reconsider.

(There’s a local news report on the aftermath at Wave3.com.)