Five Random Facts for Friday

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  Humans are the only animals that can blush and perhaps the only species that can feel embarrassment.  Blushing appears to be a unique human expression, which happens when blood vessels in the face dilate when we’re embarrassed.

2.  It’s only been 44 years since France executed a criminal with the Guillotine.  They executed a convicted murderer by chopping off his head in 1977, and then abolished the death penalty in 1981.

3.  Before 2016, the last time a Republican was elected president without either a Nixon or a Bush as the president or vice president was Herbert Hoover in 1928.

4.  The oldest known Yiddish text is a letter from the 1560s from a mother to her son complaining he doesn’t write her enough.

5.  Until 1915, it was legal to mail a baby through the U.S. Postal Service.


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