Having Too Much Free Time May Be Bad for You

No one ever says “I have the PERFECT amount of free time”, you’re either wishing you had more, or complaining about being bored.  The bad news is:  You’re supposed to be in the middle, at that “perfect” amount.

In a new study, researchers say the “sweet spot” is a “moderate” amount of free time.  Too little makes people feel like they didn’t have enough time to relax and do what they want, and too much was associated with a sense of lacking productivity and purpose.

The study involved more than 35,000 people, and it featured a series of questionnaires, which connected free time with “subjective wellbeing.”

In general, people were happier with more free time, up to about 2 hours per day.  Then scores began to drop once free time exceeded 5 hours.  Unfortunately, they didn’t determine an optimal amount of free time.

The researchers suggest that people who feel like they have too little free time should find a couple of leisure hours.  And those with empty days should try doing something productive.