A Woman Tried to Steal a Fire Truck and Claimed She Drank an Immortality Potion

This woman might want to double-check the label on whatever it was she was actually drinking.  Cops and firefighters recently responded to a call in St. Augustine Beach, Florida about a 39-year-old woman who was acting strange.

When they showed up on scene, she claimed she needed CPR even though she was fully conscious and running around.  So they started walking her to an ambulance, but she broke away and ran off.

They decided not to chase her, because there wasn’t a crime being committed, at least not YET.

While they were packing up to leave, someone yelled, “She’s stealing the TRUCK”, and they realized she’d jumped into the driver’s seat of a Fire Engine.

They yanked her out, and asked if she was on anything.  And she told them she’d been drinking the, “Elixir of Life”, as in a magical potion that makes you immortal.  She’s facing a felony charge for grand theft auto.

(Here’s her mugshot.  The Elixir of Life is also something they talk about in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, so maybe she’s just a big fan.)


(Tampa Free Press / Smoking Gun)