Did Cesar Millan’s Pit Bull Injure a Dancer and Kill Queen Latifah’s Dog?

Maybe Cesar Millan didn’t whisper loud enough when it came to his pit bull Junior, because he’s being accused of some vicious attacks.

A young woman named Lidia Matiss is suing Millan, claiming that Junior attacked her, repeatedly bit her legs, and ruined her gymnastics career.

Lidia’s mom worked for Cesar, and the attack happened when she went to visit her at work.  She claims Junior was just roaming around the halls freely when the attack happened.

Supposedly, she was a star gymnast being recruited by colleges at the time, but her injuries left her unable to perform.

Lidia says Cesar let Junior roam free even though he knew he was violent.  In fact, Junior had allegedly mauled several dogs, and even killed one belonging to Queen Latifah.  Cesar tried to cover up the incident by claiming Queen Latifah’s dog was hit by a car.