Five Random Facts for Monday

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  The green computer code in the “Matrix” movies isn’t nonsense.  It’s a bunch of sushi recipes.

2.  Teddy bears, which were named after Teddy Roosevelt, were a huge hit.  So a toy company tried to recreate the formula with the next president, William Howard Taft, and sold stuffed possums called Billy Possums.  They did not catch on.

3.  A golden retriever named Buddy played Comet on “Full House” and ALSO played Air Bud in the first “Air Bud” movie.  He died in 1998 at age 9.

4.  The bacteria population in just your mouth is larger than the entire human population on Earth.

5.  Florida passed a law in 1989 that banned bars from holding dwarf throwing contests, and the law held up when a state representative tried to get it repealed in 2011.


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