Are Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson a Thing?

If Pete Davidson never writes a book to help not-terribly-gorgeous guys score WAY above their pay grade, then a vital source of information will have gone untapped.  Because now there’s talk that Pete is hooking up with Kaley Cuoco.

The two of them recently filmed a romantic comedy together called “Meet Cute”.  But when they started making the movie, they were both in relationships.  Heck, Kaley was MARRIED.

Then they suddenly both ended up single.  And now the rumors are flying.

Sources said they seemed to be getting along as more than just friends on the set.  “It’s become clear there is some attraction there, the chemistry between them is so palpable, it’s all people could talk about on set.”

Then there was the day they spent at Six Flags in New Jersey last month, an outing that apparently had no relation to the film.  Back then, there was no indication that Kaley and her husband were on the outs.  But we know better now.