A Man Posed as a Disney World Tour Guide So He Could Skip Every Line

How far would you go to skip ALL the lines at a theme park?  A report just came out about a 30-year-old guy in Florida who went to Disney World this summer, and managed to skip every line by posing as a Disney Tour Guide.

For several days in early June, employees noticed there were a bunch of unapproved “overrides” on an app their VIP tour guides use.  Meaning people were cutting in line even though they hadn’t paid for a tour.

So a fraud investigator kept his eyes peeled.  And on June 4th, he saw a man he didn’t know leading a tour, and bypassing a line in their Hollywood Studios park.

It’s not clear if he was leading friends or random guests on the tour, or how many people were with him.  But Disney shut it down immediately, and the guy started walking to the parking lot.

They followed him to his car, and he eventually admitted he had an official Disney World iPad that only guides are supposed to have access to.  So that’s how he was doing it.

We don’t know where he works, but he said his boss lent it to him, and he gave them a name.  It turned out they knew who he was talking about, because the person had done it BEFORE.  But that’s all we know.

They kicked him off the property but decided not to press charges.