A “Nailed It!” Judge Revealed the Biggest Mistake Contestants Make

Let’s be honest:  A lot of contestants on that baking show “Nailed It!” absolutely FAIL to nail it.  And why?  Judge Jaques Torres says the biggest mistake they make is bad time management.

Jacques said, “We always have at least one baker, sometimes three bakers, that forget the clock.  This is the biggest mistake they make.  They forget that an hour and a half comes to an end.  So they will take their time at the beginning.”

He added, “Also, they don’t make a roadmap on their mind.  They don’t think, ‘OK, during the time that’s baking, I will do that.’  They really don’t think about the whole thing and they come up with things suddenly and forget it.”

You know, like don’t put buttercream on a HOT cake, because it’ll melt, duh.

Jacques also said his advice is always REAL because he wants contestants to succeed.  Season six came out today on Netflix.