Eli Roth’s New Show Deals with Real-Life Supernatural Stalkers

Have you or a loved one been left with physical or emotional scars from ghosts?  While you might not be entitled to financial compensation, you would have Eli Roth’s attention.

Eli announced a new show called “A Ghost Ruined My Life”.  It’ll be eight one-hour episodes, and it hits Discovery+ on October 8th.

Eli said, “It’s a hybrid of real people telling their actual stories on camera and amazing directors filming their living nightmares in cinematic stories.  It’s fascinating, terrifying, and absolutely real.  You cannot believe what these people went through and how they managed to beat or live with their demons.”

In other Eli news, season three of his “History of Horror” premieres October 1st on AMC and he also helped produce a new Discovery+ series with Zak Bagans called “The Haunted Museum”, that’s available for streaming on October 2nd.


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