Two-Thirds of Us Reward Ourselves for Working Out, and 16% Want a Trophy?

Exercising comes with lots of benefits, like feeling better and living longer.  But a new poll found most Americans say screw that, I want stuff.  Two-thirds say they’d be even more motivated to get healthy if it came with a material reward of some kind.

And two-thirds of us already reward ourselves in various ways for working out or hitting fitness goals.  Like if you go to the gym, you can have pizza this weekend.  But most say they’d be even more likely to get healthy if they got something for it.

Over half would love to earn gift cards or discounts to their favorite stores, 41% want cash, 17% want concert tickets, and 16% say they’d be more motivated to work out if they got a medal or trophy for it.

Things that we think deserve a reward include:  Losing weight, buying healthier groceries, going to the doctor, and learning a new exercise routine.


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