Heinz Is Selling a “Packet Roller” That Gets Every Last Drop Out of Ketchup Packets

Getting all the ketchup out of a ketchup packet is slightly difficult and mildly annoying.   But now, that national nightmare is finally over.  Heinz is selling a ketchup packet roller that gets every last drop of ketchup out.  And it’s small enough to put on a keychain.

It’s shaped like a ketchup bottle, with a slot on the side that you feed the packet through.  Then a roller inside squeezes all the ketchup out, and spits the empty packet out the other side.

It’s not automatic.  You have to crank it to pull the ketchup packet through.  But it does look like it gets about 99% of the ketchup out of there.

It’s also got a tool that cuts the corner of the packet open.  There’s a loop on one end, so you can attach it to your keys.  And you can use it with other sauce packets, not just ketchup.

They’re selling for $5.70, plus $2 shipping.  You can get one at HeinzPacketRoller.com  while supplies last.

(Here’s a photo and a video.)



(Heinz / The Takeout)