The Most Common “Unusual” Things We Do in the Bathroom

Do you use the bathroom as a place to escape more than you did before the pandemic?  42% of people say they do it now.  And over half of us sometimes take extra-long showers just to get more alone time.

People were also asked to name “unusual” things they’ve done in a bathroom.  Meaning stuff you wouldn’t normally associate with the phrase “USING the bathroom.”  Here are the ten most common answers.

1.  Getting away from people to CRY.

2.  Reading a book.  Is that “unusual”?  It was normal before we all had cell phones.

3.  Sex.

4.  Hiding out in the bathroom to avoid people.

5.  Trying on new clothes.

6.  Taking a phone call.

7.  Washing your dog.

8.  Falling asleep in the tub.  Falling asleep on the toilet also made the list at #33.

9.  Having coffee or tea.  Beer made the list too at #25.

10.  Hanging stuff up to dry, like a bathing suit on your shower curtain rod.