Is One of the “Real Housewives” Running a Cult???

We’ve seen the “Real Housewives” do some crazy things over the years, but RUNNING A CULT is a new one on me.  Some people think that Mary Cosby from “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” is doing just that from her Faith Temple Pentecostal Church.

According to people who’ve left the church, Cosby refers to herself as “God”, manipulates followers into working for her family’s businesses for either minimum wage or NOTHING, and tells them they’re going to HELL when she’s mad at them.

Mary inherited the church from her grandmother, but a former member says, “The church has gone to ruin and most everyone has left because Mary has no anointing whatsoever when she preaches.  She just screams at her members and mentally abuses them into submission.  [She] brainwashes them on the regular, not to mention the utterly flamboyant and hypocritical life she lives.”

(The show is in its second season now, and yes, the whole cult thing IS one of the storylines.  Check out a preview here.)



(Daily Beast)