The First Adult Purchase We Get Excited About Happens at 22

You could argue that anyone who USES the word “adulting” isn’t a real adult yet.  But I’m about to use it, so never mind.  A new poll on “adulting” asked people how old they were the first time they got excited about a LAME adult purchase, like buying a vacuum cleaner.

It actually happens pretty young.  The average answer was 22 years old.  (That makes sense, because it’s right around when a lot of people get their first place.)

The average person doesn’t start feeling like an adult until 25 though.  Here are a few more random stats from the poll.

1.  The top signs you’re a true adult include:  Saving money, doing taxes, sticking to a budget, buying life insurance, and making regular doctor’s appointments.

2.  39% of us feel like our friends are significantly better at adulting than we are.

3.  51% of adults go to older people with questions about things like taxes, mortgages, and life insurance.

4.  43% of parents say that having kids has made them a more careful driver.  And just under a third said they’re more likely to read nutrition labels now.