The Pumpkin Spice Product Each State Is Googling More Than Other States

Google Trends looked at the pumpkin spice product each state is googling more than other states.  And they broke them down into four categories.

1.  Caffeinated drinks:  Seven states are googling pumpkin spice lattes or coffee more than everyone else, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Colorado, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

Five states are googling pumpkin spice cold brew or iced coffee, which are California, Arizona, Montana, Tennessee, and Maryland.  And New Hampshire wants pumpkin spice TEA.

2.  Other drinks:  Pumpkin spice hot chocolate mix in New York, and pumpkin spice margaritas in South Carolina and Florida.

3.  Baked goods:  19 states are obsessed with pumpkin spice desserts, including cookies, muffins, cupcakes, bread, cinnamon rolls, and pumpkin spice cheesecake enchiladas.

4.  Condiments or add-ons:  Pumpkin spice syrup is popular in Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Michigan, Kansas, Iowa, and North Carolina.  And the states that love pumpkin spice creamer the most are New Mexico, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maine.

Only one product didn’t fit into any of those categories:  Four states can’t stop googling Cup Noodles’ new Pumpkin Spice RAMEN, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Vermont.

(Here’s a map of all 50 states.)


(Google Trends)