A Guy Tried to Rob a Gas Station When the Power Was Out, But the Cashier Couldn’t Open the Register

It may seem like a good idea to commit a robbery at a business when the power is out.  There’s a chance the security system is down, and even if the cameras are still working, it’ll be dark.

Of course there’s one big negative:  The cash register will also be down.

Around 4:30 A.M. Friday morning, some guy tried to rob a gas station in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The guy went in, started talking to the clerk, and that’s when the power went out.  There were a lot of other outages in the area too.

The robber pulled a knife, and demanded money from the clerk.

But since the power was out, the register wouldn’t open, and the man was forced to leave the store without any money.

The police are currently investigating.


(KLKN TV / Lincoln Journal-Star)