Are These the Best Songs to Drive to?

Do you have an ultimate driving playlist?  2,000 people were surveyed and here are the most popular driving songs they listen to, in no particular order:

1.  “Bohemian Rhapsody”,  Queen.

2.  “Go Your Own Way”,  Fleetwood Mac.

3.  “Happy”,  Pharrell Williams.

4.  “Mr. Brightside”,  The Killers.

5.  “Beautiful Day”,  U2.

6.  “Heroes”,  David Bowie.

7.  “Dancing Queen”,  ABBA.

8.  “Uptown Girl”,  Billy Joel.

9.  “I Gotta Feeling”,  Black Eyed Peas.

10.  “Wonderwall”,  Oasis.


Here are some songs that are considered “safe”, meaning they’re best for staying concentrated, calm, and alert.

1.  “Patience”,  Guns N’ Roses.

2.  “Cinnamon Girl”,  Lana Del Rey.

3.  “Traitor”,  Olivia Rodrigo.

4.  “Skinny Love”,  Birdy.

5.  “Livin’ on a Prayer”,  Bon Jovi.


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